Contractor Insurance

Contractors have unique insurance coverage needs. Metropolitan Insurance Group offers new, exciting, and flexible insurance, including coverage for the following items and situations:

Property Insurance

  1. Building Coverage
  2. Business Personal Property
  3. Income Protection
  4. Contractor’s Equipment

Liability Insurance

  1. Bodily Injury & Property Damage
  2. Product & Completed operation
  3. Third-Party Contractual Liability
  4. Independent Contractors

Workers Compensation

Business Auto

Business Catastrophe / Umbrella


Certificates of Insurance

Additionally, we offer many optional Contractor’s Enhancement Endorsement that bundles various optional coverages into one endorsement for a lower price than purchasing each coverage separately. Those coverages include:

  1. Contractor’s Tools and Equipment
  2. Installation Coverage
  3. Voluntary Property Damage
  4. Contract Penalty Coverage
  5. Building Ordinance and Law
  6. Peak Season Coverage
  7. Per Project Aggregate Liability Limit
  8. Extra Expense due to business interruption
  9. Accounts Receivable
  10. Valuable Papers and Records


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