Kasia Korza

Insurance Consultant

My everyday work revolves around helping individuals and businesses manage their risks by offering various insurance products. My days are filled with meeting with clients to assess their insurance needs, explaining different policy options, and recommending appropriate coverage based on clients’ specific circumstances and budgets. I also process insurance applications, handle policy renewals, and assist clients with claims processing. I often work closely with underwriters to negotiate terms and ensure that policies meet clients’ requirements.

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Call me at: (773) 229 9891

Here are some situations where contacting me over the phone might be suitable:

Urgent Matters: If you have an urgent issue, such as filing a claim for a recent accident or needing immediate assistance with a policy concern, calling me directly can lead to quicker resolution.

Complex Inquiries: For complex insurance questions or situations that require detailed explanation or discussion, speaking over the phone allows for real-time interaction and the opportunity to ask questions for clarification.


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Email me at: kkorza@metropolitangroup.us

Here are some situations where contacting me via email might be suitable:

Non-Urgent Inquiries: For routine inquiries, policy updates, or general questions that are not time-sensitive, sending an email allows you to communicate at your own convenience without requiring an immediate response.

Document Sharing: If you need to share documents or written information with me, sending them via email provides a convenient and trackable method for transmitting files.

Written Records: Email communication creates a written record of your conversation, which can be useful for future reference or documentation purposes.


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Visit me in the South office at: 7018 W Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60638

Here are some situations where visiting me in the office might be suitable:

Sensitive Information: When discussing sensitive information such as personal financial details or confidential policy matters, some individuals may feel more comfortable communicating face-to-face rather than through email or over the phone, which could potentially be less secure.

Complex Issues: For complex insurance matters or significant life changes that may impact your coverage needs (such as buying a new home or starting a business), a face-to-face meeting provides an opportunity for thorough discussion and clarification.

Preference for Personal Interaction: If you prefer a more personal touch or want to build a rapport with your agent, engaging in a face-to-face conversation can help establish a stronger connection than written communication alone.


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The best insurance company in the World! They speak polish so it’s easy to communicate if you don’t speak English on high level. They are so helpful – one phone call and you can fix any problem that you have. I saved a lot of money with them and I had very very good coverage on my car. My husband and I are so satisfied 😌


I am very happy with the friendly, well educated staff who has helped me tremendously throughout the years“.

“Very nice people to do business with. Trustworthy and reliable. Highly recommend them”.


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