Life Insurance


The most important life insurance questions

How much financial protection will my family need?
What kind and broad protection do I need?
How much does life insurance cost?

Life insurance could help

  • replace your income with a non-taxable death benefit
  • will reduce your family’s financial burden when you run out
  • educate your children
  • pay off loans, mortgages and other debts that will burden your family in the event of your death
  • cover funeral costs
  • pay inheritance taxes

Types of life insurance policies

Term Life: as a rule, insurance with a fixed duration is cheaper than other life insurance. Policies are sold for 1, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, or until you reach a certain age, e.g. 65 or 100 years

Whole Life: this type of insurance provides life-long protection with a fixed insurance premium

Universal Life: these insurances provide flexibility in the amount of the premium and the amount of the benefit in the event of death, so you can change both of these amounts after closing the policy. This insurance is characterized by an increase in premiums with age insurance

How to choose the type and amount of life insurance coverage?

  • when planning to buy life insurance, remember to take into account all relevant living conditions, external events and family conditions
  • the decision on how high the insurance should be can be made after analyzing the life situation of you and your loved ones, taking into account your assets, current and future liabilities and needs, other insurance (e.g. employee).
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