Truck Insurance

Truck transport ubezpieczenie

Truck insurance

– Liability Coverage

– Collision Coverage

– Comprehensive

– Uninsured Motorist Coverage

– Personal Injury

Primary Liability Insurance – Insurance that covers damage or bodily injuries to others as a result of an accident. This coverage is mandated by state and federal agencies, and proof of coverage is required and must be sent to those agencies.

General liability insurance – this policy will protect the owner of the truck when it is not in traffic. Typical cases are parking bumps, losses and damage during loading and unloading, thefts and vandalism.

Non-trucking liability insurance – when you are on duty, your truck is covered with the policy of the company you work for. However, when you have a break or parking , you should take care of your own insurance. This type of insurance protects your truck whenever not working.

The law and trucking liability insurance – when looking for the right insurance policy, you must have in mind legal requirements related to trucking. Some insurance is compulsory in all States due to the need to safeguard the interests of other road users. Not having proper protection can be very expensive not only in case of an accident, but also at any roadside inspection that will result in high fines. Therefore, make sure that insurance you have selected meets the ICC / MC requirements.

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