What You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation and Working from Home

Amid Covid-19 pandemic, you may have found yourself in 63% of Americans working from home. Some researchers think that 48% of employees will continue to work remotely for a long time, at least part-time.
Working from home has pros and cons. What’s important, it raises serious questions on what would happen if an employee becomes injured while performing work at home.

Workers’ compensation laws vary by state. Generally, any business that has employees must buy workers’ compensation insurance coverage. It’s designed to cover medical care and lost wages for an employee who is hurt at work.


If an employee is hurt on employer’s premises, they’re covered by the workers’ compensation policy. It provides coverage for injury or disease employees get in the course of employment. Most telecommuters are covered under their employers’ workers’ compensation coverage. This insurance isn’t tied to a specific building.


Common injuries remote workers experience include back sprains and strains, slips, and falls. The injury has to arise out of work-related activity, though, to be covered under workers’ compensation policy.

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