It’s nothing new for a driver that winter’s cold temps and unpredictable conditions can damage a vehicle. Getting some work done ahead and preparing your car for the winter can help you save on costly repairs and difficult situations on the road. Here’s what you need to do to get your vehicle ready for winter:

Check the Battery and Charging System

Cold starts are hard enough without a weak battery or cable corrosion to deal with. Have your battery and cables checked and cleaned or replaced if necessary.

Replace Wiper Blades and Fill Cleaning Fluid

Good visibility is key to safe driving in snowy or rainy weather conditions. Don’t wait until that first storm to find out your wiper blades dont’ work, there’s no cleaning fluid left or it is frozen. Replace them now. If you live in a harsh climate, use winter wiper blades and cold-weather washer fluid.

Check Tires and Tire Pressure Regularly

Driving on snow-slicked roads is not easy so don’t let your old tires make it worse. Ensure your tires have plenty of tread left and keep them properly inflated. Think of buying the winter tires if you drive often through the snow.

Check the Braking System

The middle of morning traffic on slicky road is the wrong time to discover your brakes don’t work. Check your brakes early in the season and service or replace them if necessary.

Change the Oil

Start the season with a fresh oil change and continue to change it at recommended intervals. Winter weight oil can help keep the engine running smoothly and minimize rough starts.

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