Whether you’re in the snow removal business, or want to earn some extra money or need just keep your own driveway clear… a snowplow can be a good investment. But before you get started, get the answers to some common questions from beginner snowplow drivers.


First things first: Consult the local Department of Transportation regulations and your vehicle owner’s manual before buying and trying to install any plow equipment on your truck.

Here are some other tips for safe operation of a snow plow:

  1. Do your research. First, read the owner’s manual. Get to know all the controls and settings on your plow before you start the work for the first time.
  2. Drive safely, always. Turn the plow controls off when driving on roads to avoid any accidental drops or movements.
  3. Remember the added weight. You’ll want to brake earlier when driving with a plow. The weight of your plow can increase your stopping distance.
  4. Visibility is of importance. Weather conditions can be unpredictable. Remove all snow and ice from windows and mirrors before you plow even if you are on your own driveway.
  5. Stay safe and visible. Always wear a seat belt. When actively plowing, use flashers or warning lights.
  6. Take it easy. While plowing, a good rule of thumb is to keep your speed at or under 10 mph.

I have a plow on my pickup truck. Is that covered under my auto policy?

The answer depends on what type of insurance policy you have and where you’re using your plow. As always, talk to an insurance pro in the Metropolitan Insurance Group (773 229 9891) if you have specific questions about what’s covered.

  1. If you’re only using your plow for personal use to clean your own driveway or driving over to plow your brother’s driveway as a favor. Under an ERIE personal auto policy, liability and physical damage coverage are usually automatically extended to your plow, as long as you have those coverages purchased for your pickup truck.
  2. If you’re making an income as a full- or part-time snow removal contractor: you’d need to purchase a commercial auto policy. Operating a business – or even a side hustle – presents risks that are not covered by a personal auto policy. Call Metropolitan Insurance Group to learn more and get a quote (773 229 9891).


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